Morris All-University Representatives

University Senate Committees

The University Senate is composed of 251 elected senators and 26 Senate Consultative Committee members. This includes faculty, civil service and P&A staff, and student representatives from the University of Minnesota Crookston, University of Minnesota Duluth, University of Minnesota Morris, University of Minnesota Rochester, and University of Minnesota Twin Cities campuses. The president of the University of Minnesota chairs the University Senate, and the vice chair is a faculty member.

Senate Consultative Committee

  • Jennifer Goodnough, faculty (2020–23)
  • Jay Allard, student (2022-23)

Faculty Consultative Committee

  • Jennifer Goodnough, faculty (2020-23)

Student Consultative Committee

  • Jay Allard, student (2022-23)

P&A Consultative Committee

P&A Benefits and Compensation Subcommittee

  • Nick Skulan, P&A (2021-23)

P&A Senate Communications Subcommittee

  • John Hamerlinck, P&A (2021-2023

Civil Service Consultative Committee

  • Mary Zosel, civil service (2021-24)

Civil Service Compensation and Benefits Subcommittee Leadership

  • Mary Zosel, civil service (2021-22)

All-University Honors Committee

  • Julie Eckerle (2022-25)

Campus Safety Committee

  • Cal Mergendahl, student (2021-23)
  • Liz Thomson, Morris Representative (2022-23)

Disabilities Issues Committee

  • Matthew Hoekstra, Morris Disability Resource Center Representative, ex officio, non-voting

Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP)

  • Jess Larson, faculty (2021-24)
  • Nadezhda Sotirova, faculty (2021-24)

Equity, Access, and Diversity Committee

  • Tracey Anderson, faculty (2022-25)

Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs SCFA)

  • Brad Deane, faculty (2022-25)
  • Michell Page, faculty, (2020-23)

Retirement Subcommittee

  • Roland Guyotte, faculty (2021-24)

Senate Committee on Finance and Planning

  • Bart Finzel, faculty (2020-24)

Senate Committee on Information Technologies (SCIT)

  • Engin Sungur, faculty (2021-24)

Senate Library Committee

  • Angela Vetsch, Morris Representative, ex officio, non-voting (2022-23)

Senate Research Committee (SRC)

  • Jimmy Schryver, faculty (2022-25)

Senate Committee on Committes

  • Stacey Aronson, faculty (2021-24)

Social Concerns Commitee

  • Mark Collier, faculty (2021-23)

Student Academic Integrity Committee (SAIC)

  • Bibhudutta Panda, faculty, (2022-25)

Senate Committee on Student Affairs (SCSA)

  • Adrienne Conley, Chair, Morris Representative (2022-25)

University Senate

Faculty Consultative Committee (FCC) Members

  • Jennifer Goodnough


Faculty Senate


  • Kevin Whalen (2020-23)
  • Ben Narvaez (2021-2024)


  • Dan Demetriou (2020-23)
  • David Roberts (2020-23)

Student Senate

  • Henry Hubred, senator
  • Ethan Balacek, senator

P&A Senate

  • Angela Vetsch, senator
  • Nick Skulan, senator
  • John Hamerlinck, senate alternate

Civil Service Senate

  • Mary Zosel
  • Marie Hagen
  • Jodi Sperr