Membership Committee


  1. To recommend all membership and designate chairs of all standing and ad hoc committees. This shall be done during the spring semester for the ensuing academic year. Full committee rosters, except four student slots on core standing assembly committees (reserved for MCSA First-Year Committee members), will be brought for action to the last Campus Assembly meeting of the spring semester;
  2. To ensure the proper elections of members of the Campus Assembly by the Morris Campus Student Association(MCSA) and the United Staff Association (USA) as specified in Article IV, Section 7;
  3. To administer elections for the vice chair, faculty, P&A, and parliamentarian positions on the Steering Committee, and for the faculty and P&A positions on the Consultative Committee;
  4. To report to the Campus Assembly the results of USA and student elections of members of the Steering Committee and of the Consultative Committee;
  5. To advise the president on the membership of a search committee in the selection of a chancellor;
  6. To track the review schedule of the chancellor and to advise the president on review committee membership in accord with Article II, Section 2;
  7. To track the review schedule of all administrators who report to the chancellor and to advise the chancellor on review committee memberships in accord with Article II, Section 3;
  8. To advise the VCAA/dean on the appointment of division chair selection committees and division chair review committees, according to Article III, Section 2;
  9. To advise the chancellor on the appointment of members to search committees for administrative positions that report directly to the chancellor; and
  10. To carry out other functions delegated to it by the assembly.

Membership Committee Leadership

Lisa Bevevino


The Membership Committee consists of

  • four faculty members (one from each division)
  • one P&A staff
  • two USA staff
  • and two students.

Committee members shall be elected to two-year terms, with the exception of student members who are elected to one-year terms, late each spring semester. The terms of members shall be staggered so as to provide some continuity of experience. Members are elected by their constituencies. Only members of Campus Assembly are eligible for election to the Membership Committee. A vacancy shall be filled by special election. Before the end of spring semester, the continuing and newly elected members of the committee elects their own chair for the forthcoming year from among its members.