Coke Travel Funds

Coke Student initiative Travel Funding Requests

This initiative supports travel related expenses for groups of students pursuing life-changing co-curricular opportunities, similar to the privately funded Catalyst fund for individual students. The potential impact of the program should be beyond those currently offered by UMM student groups. Funds will not be used to replace AFRC support. Funding allocations will be coordinated by the Director of Student Activities, MCSA Vice President for Student Services, AFRC Chair, and an at- large student who adds to the diversity of the group. A report of fund requests and allocations will be provided to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs each semester.

This fund is designed for the following opportunities

  • Special Opportunities that are available to Annually Funnded Organizations that were not built into their budget presented to AFRC
  • Travel related to coalition based issues that are backed by a number of organizations

The following regulations will be enforced by the coordinating committee for the Coke

Initiative Funds

  • These funds are not intended to be used on a consistent or reoccurring basis. The committee will not fund the same individual(s) or group(s) for the same event multiple years in a row.
  • These funds can only be used by group members who are currently enrolled degree seeking students in good academic and behavioral standing.
  • These funds are meant to benefit as many students as possible and should not fund the same student(s) repeatedly even for different activities.
  • Groups must explore all resource options available to them.
  • Funding is limited and groups should expect to bear some responsibility for individual contribution and fundraising.