World Language (WL) General Education Requirement Exemption

Students may be exempted from the WL general education requirement through the following means:

  • by successfully completing a 2000 or 3000 level, four-credit language course
  • by passing a proctored proficiency exam
  • by achieving appropriate AP, CLEP, or IB examination scores
  • through the Scholastic Committee if English is not the student’s first language

Placement tests in Spanish, German, and French are given by UMN Morris language disciplines to determine the level of pre-college proficiency of a student with prior coursework. Students who plan to study at UMN Morris in the same language that they studied in high school must take the placement examination and abide by the placement recommendation. If after initial exposure to the recommended course the placement is not appropriate to the student’s level, students may consult their language instructors as to the proper course level of study.

Students who wish to “test out” of a second language for exemption based on prior learning in French, German, or Spanish must pass a proctored proficiency exam. The initial online Morris placement examination does not fulfill this requirement.

Students who studied a second language other than German, French, or Spanish may contact the Scholastic Committee for further information about exemption for the WL requirement.