Transferring Courses

New Students Transferring In

Students interested in attending Morris may submit an official transcript for transfer evaluation. When the evaluation is complete, an APAS report tracking progress toward the degree can be generated. The APAS report lists which courses have been accepted and how they fit into Morris General Education requirements. Morris awards credit for courses that are accepted in transfer. However, grades from colleges outside the University of Minnesota do not count in the Morris GPA. Send official transcripts to the address below.

Admissions Office
600 E 4th St
Morris, MN 56267

Questions? Contact the transfer specialist at the address below.

212 Behmler Hall
University of Minnesota, Morris
600 E 4th Street
Morris, MN 56267

To meet Morris General Education requirements (GER), students must complete 60 credits from liberal arts courses outside the discipline of the major—a student majoring in biology, for example, needs 60 credits that are not labeled BIOL—and use those 60 credits to fulfill 13 categories listed below.

  • Intellectual Community (IC)
  • Writing for the Liberal Arts (WLA)
  • Foreign Language (FL)
  • Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning (M/SR)
  • Artistic Performance (ArtP)
  • Historical Perspectives (Hist)
  • Human Behavior, Social Processes, Institutions (SS)
  • Communication, Language, Literature, Philosophy (Hum)
  • Fine Arts (FA)
  • Physical and Biological Science course with lab (SciL)
  • Physical and Biological Science course with or without lab (Sci)

Two of the following four.

  • Human Diversity (HDiv)
  • People and the Environment (Envt)
  • International Perspective (IP)
  • Ethical and Civic Responsibility (E/CR)

Courses from the major discipline may fulfill the categories above, but the credits assigned to the major discipline courses do not count toward the 60 credits of GER.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)

Transfer students who have earned an associate of arts from a Minnesota institution or have earned the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MNTC) prior to enrolling at Morris as degree-seeking students will have all general education requirements for a bachelor of arts satisfied except for the foreign language requirement. Also note that Morris students must earn 60 credits in liberal arts coursework outside the discipline of their majors. The associate of arts or MNTC statement must be posted on the transcript submitted to the University of Minnesota, Morris in order for a student to receive MNTC credits at Morris.

Are you transferring from the University of Minnesota, Morris to a Minnesota community college or state university? If you have completed the 13 general education categories and have earned 60 liberal arts credits outside the discipline of the major, your transcript may be certified to reflect that you have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). Contact the transfer specialist to request that the notation be added to your transcript.

While associate of arts earned at nonMinnesota colleges do not qualify for the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, all transfer courses completed will be evaluated for Morris general education fulfillment. Prospective out-of-state students planning to transfer to Morris after completing an associate of arts may request a course prior approval to confirm that courses completed at the out-of-state institution will fulfill Morris general education requirements upon admission.

Current Students

Current students planning to transfer courses from another University of Minnesota college through the Multi-University registration program or at another college should submit their proposed courses for transfer approval in advance. Use the Course Evaluation Form to obtain prior approval.

Credit for coursework taken at other institutions will be transferred subject to the following considerations:

  • The instructional institution is regionally accredited, and the mission includes providing courses that are intended for transfer to baccalaureate programs.
  • The transfer coursework compares in nature, content, and level to courses offered by the Morris curriculum.
  • The transfer coursework is appropriate and applicable to the degree at Morris.

Regional accreditation usually serves as the primary criterion for determining the transferability of course work from another institution. Credits from Minnesota technical colleges may be considered for transfer when appropriate to a student’s degree program. Credit is not normally transferred from specialized or proprietary institutions, military schools, or industry-based education programs.

It is the responsibility of the transfer specialist at Morris to identify those institutions from which credit can be transferred and to determine whether coursework is college level. If questions arise with regard to transfer of specific courses, the transfer specialist will confer with the appropriate discipline faculty.

Morris accepts the validity of an accredited transfer institution’s decisions regarding credit value, grades, content as described, and level of instruction (introductory or advanced) of its courses and transfers those courses accordingly.

Morris accepts transfer coursework from foreign institutions of higher education that is applicable to the student’s degree program. The transfer specialist has the responsibility of determining the level, credit value, and grading to be recorded on the Morris transcript from material provided by the foreign institution describing the coursework.

Appeal Process

If there are questions about the transfer evaluation, students may contact the transfer specialist. If questions persist, the executive committee of the Scholastic Committee will review the transfer decisions. If necessary, a final appeal may be presented to the full Scholastic Committee.