Study Day

University Policy Regarding Study day

  1. No classes will be permitted after the last scheduled day of instruction for that term/semester for any course that normally includes undergraduate students. Instructors may not schedule classes on Study Day.
  2. Instructors may not hold a regular class during examination week (which can interfere with students’ other exams) and may not hold a class during the first hour of the examination period and then conduct the final examination during the remaining hour(s).
  3. No University-sponsored extra-curricular events, which require the participation of students, may be scheduled from the beginning of Study Day to the end of Finals Week. Exceptions to this policy may be granted ONLY by the Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP). Instructors must provide an alternative and timely opportunity for students to complete course requirements they were unable to complete because of an absence permitted by this policy.

In Spring 2011 the Scholastic Committee and the Senate Committee on Educational Policy approved procedures for the Morris campus. In order to process requests for policy exceptions in a timely manner, such requests should be submitted using the Study Day Event request form to the Scholastic Committee.

Scholastic Committee reviews campus requests and then reports to SCEP. While SCEP has not relinquished its right to rule on these requests, it collaborates with the Scholastic Committee in responding to these policy exception requests.

In keeping with the policy, please refrain from scheduling events that require student participation during Study Day and Finals Week and submit any requests for exceptions early so that they may be considered.

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