Special Examinations

Credit for acquired knowledge that is comparable to the content of specific University courses may be obtained by special examination. A special examination may provide official University recognition for previous educational activity such as classes at unaccredited, international, vocational/technical, or armed services schools; foreign study or travel; training programs; job experience; or independent preparation. The examination administered by a department may be a typical final examination, an oral test, written papers or projects, or another combination of work that satisfies the examiners that the student has adequately achieved the values of the course.

Minimum standards for awarding credits by examination are determined by the academic department giving the exam. No department is required to give examinations for credit. Credits earned by examination are recorded as “T” designating ”test credit” and do not count in the GPA or as resident credit.

Assistance with determining eligibility and completing the Request for Special Examination is available at the Scholastic Committee Office, 212 Behmler Hall. Appropriate faculty will be contacted to give the examination. Faculty are encouraged but not required to support the request. The discipline giving the examination determines the material to be covered. Students have the right to review course syllabi or course texts prior to taking the exam. If the request is approved, a special fee is paid before the exam is given.

Request for Special Examinations Form