Professional Development Day

Professional Development Day brings together the whole Morris community to learn skills, build relationships, and share knowledge that we use in research and creative work, in teaching, and in serving our students. It draws upon the wisdom of experts within and beyond our campus to provide new approaches to emerging challenges.

—Approved by Faculty and P&A Affairs Committee, March, 2022

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Historic Professional Development Day Description

Prior to the 2022–23 academic year, the description of Professional Development Day was as follows.

The Professional Development Day is an annual event held at the beginning of fall semester and gives both new faculty and staff members a chance to learn more about UMM and also bring new insight and information to those who are returning members of the campus community.

The programming each fall currently cycles through three different topics:

  • Research
  • Outreach and service
  • Teaching

Since the inception of this program in 1999, it has morphed from an off-campus two-day event to the current programming of a single day of sessions held on campus. The name has also changed over the years since this program first started as the Fall Faculty Retreat.