Academic Staff Award

The UMM Academic Staff Award was established to annually recognize a member of the Academic Professional and Administrative (P&A) staff who has made distinguished contributions to the mission of the University of Minnesota, Morris.

Sponsored by the Office of the Chancellor


Selected nominee will be recognized at the annual Faculty and Staff Recognition Event and will be listed in the Event program. The recipient will receive:

  • An official UMM certificate
  • A $750 honorarium
  • $750 provided to the recipient’s department to be used in support of professional development activities during the coming academic year.

One recipient of the award annually.

Previous Award Recipients

  • 2023: Adrienne Conley
  • 2022: Naomi Skulan
  • 2021: Matt Zaske
  • 2020: Angela Vetsch
  • 2019: Tim Grove
  • 2018: Jim Bovre
  • 2017: Kevin Flicker
  • 2016: Judy Korn
  • 2015: Troy Goodnough
  • 2014: Jennifer Herrmann
  • 2013: Argie Manolis
  • 2012: Jayne Blodgett
  • 2011: Peter Bremer
  • 2010: Dave Aronson
  • 2009: Henry Fulda
  • 2008: LeAnn Dean
  • 2007: Bryan Herrmann
  • 2006: Roger Wareham
  • 2005: Karla Klinger
  • 2004: Ferolyn Angell
  • 2003: Ardath M. Larson
  • 2002: Gary L. Donovan
  • 2001: Thomas W. Mahoney


  • University employees holding at least 75% time appointments, whose primary appointments to the University are in the following categories: Academic Administrative (93XX) or Academic Professional (97XX) are eligible for this award. Individuals holding one of the above appointments and also holding faculty title (94XX) are not eligible for this award.
  • Nominees must have at least three years of P&A employment at the Morris campus at the time of nomination, not including the year nominated.
  • Previous recipients of the All University Academic Staff Award may not be nominated for the University of Minnesota, Morris Academic Staff Award for at least four years after receiving the all-University Academic Staff Award.
  • Previous recipients of the University of Minnesota, Morris Academic Staff Award may not be renominated. Previous nominees who did not receive the award may be renominated.

Selection Criteria

Nominees will be evaluated on the basis of a dossier documenting their achievements and contributions in their role as an academic staff member. The dossier should provide specific evidence of excellence worthy of this recognition. Such evidence may include supporting letters from persons knowledgeable about the selection criteria, programming, service, curricular and/or scholarly contributions.

Achievements and contributions should include foremost evidence of doing one’s own job exceptionally well. In addition there should be evidence of making a contribution to the broader campus, off-campus community or professional organization.

Selection Committee

Award recipients will be selected by a committee including an academic professional and administrative staff member, a faculty member, a student, and a USA staff member. Traditionally, each year the chair of the selection committee is the recipient of the award the previous year.

Nomination Procedure

Suggestions for nominees may come from academic professionals, academic administrators, United Staff Association staff, faculty, students, or student organizations. Self nominations are welcome. A single nominator should coordinate the compilation of a dossier. This person may enlist the aid of others, if desired.

The completed dossier, including the nomination form, must be submitted electronically in PDF form to the chair of the Selection Committee. Selection of the UMM Academic Staff Award recipient will be based solely on the material included in this dossier.

Dossier Organization and Presentation

Each copy of the nominee’s dossier should include (and is limited to):

  • A letter of no more than three pages presenting the full case of the nomination. This letter should have an executive summary that highlights the contributions and achievements of the nominee described in the letters of support and the nominee's resume or curriculum vita. The letter should include a brief job description delineating official responsibilities and duties, and evidence of work above and beyond the nominee's stated job responsibilities and requirements. This letter should be included with the Dossier Cover Form.
    • Previous nominees may be renominated by adding a one-page update to the previous year’s letter.
  • No more than five letters of support from peers, colleagues, administrators and supervisors, students, alumni or other University community members who have first-hand knowledge of the nominee's performance as an academic professional and/or as an academic administrator. The letters should describe the specific contribution(s) that make the nominee deserving of this award. Support letters should each include a Support Letter Form.
  • A current resume or curriculum vita.