Nondegree Student Dismissal


Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) and College in the Schools (CIS) students, are required to maintain a 2.50 cumulative and term grade point average in their University of Minnesota, Morris (UMM) courses. Students who fall below this criterion will be prohibited from taking UMM courses (dismissed) for one semester. However, students may file a written appeal of the dismissal decision with the Scholastic Committee by the specified deadline. Typically, the strongest appeals are those in which students present documentation of extenuating circumstances beyond their control.

Credit Reduction and Drop-Down

Students who receive a grade of “C+” or lower, including a grade of “N”, in one or more courses or do not fulfill the terms of an academic contract, yet remain above the 2.5 GPA criterion, may be advised to decrease their enrollment during the following term at the discretion of the Scholastic Committee or its designees. It is important that students understand that the Scholastic Committee and its designees have the right and responsibility to act in what they believe to be the students’ and the program’s best interests.

Implementation Notes

The Scholastic Committee empowers the coordinator of online learning, the coordinator of advising, and the director of admissions to advise and otherwise assist individual students regarding their status and progress and may be empowered to hear appeals. These designees will report to the Scholastic Committee on a yearly basis, summarizing decisions in which an exception to the above policy has been granted. Each academic year, the Scholastic Committee will appoint or reappoint designated individuals or offices related to this policy. This policy will be fully in effect fall 2012.

Scholastic Committee, March 2012
To Campus Assembly for information on April 3, 2012